Are you Protected from Malware

The internet is riddled with places that are trying to get you to download and install all matters of viruses, spyware and all sorts of malicious content. How can you use your head when online to increase your malware prevention four times over. For best practices read here.

First up is links.

Links are set up as text or images online that will redirect or send you over to a new website or web page. This is often used for good as you probably have noticed. The downside is that people may send yu to a bad website or page that will download malware onto your computer. They can be very sneaky with these links and they may try to trick you in all sorts of ways.

Pop-ups – These appear as new windows and literally pop up in your face or in the background with some weird website that you more than likely had no intention of visiting.

Banner Ads – Play this game, Your a winner, Download this. You’ve probably seen these too. These can be a bit more sneaky. One form of the sneaky variety will be a banner ad on a download page for a program you want. The banner ad will disguise itself as the download button with a nice big Download Button but you can see a small “ad” text in the top right telling you it is just an advertisement, or worse.


Emails are more and more common and as we sign up for that one-off freebie we sign away our email to be spammed relentlessly with junk. If you don’t recognise the sender or the email just looks dodgy it probably is. Be very careful clicking anywhere on the email particularly the links that just lead you in with some curious statement.

Check the sender’s email by hovering r clicking on the sender once the email is open. You will be able to see the actual email address that it was sent from. Look out for spammy or nonsense email addresses as these are likely exactly that, spam. Make sure the email has been sent from a trusted source and not a copy cat or spam site. is good is most likely not good.

Be careful to look out for copy-cat emails like

This may seem like it is from Woolworths but it is actually someone else.

Downloading and Installing

In general, when you want to download a program, software or any type of file, make sure it is from a trusted source. Please don’t type “download Justin Beiber – Baby” into Google and click on whatever you find, this sort of downloading can get you into malware trouble.

Once you have your new program downloaded from a trusted source you want to be careful when installing. Start up the installation and read every page. You know when they give you 5 next buttons to hit and you spam through all of them? Well, this could lead you into installing a completely separate program or malware that is “partnered” with the program you want. Read the steps and be sure to uncheck boxes that say things like:

– Install Program XXX too
– Set XXX as my default browser

These are easy to avoid and yet catch people out so often, and can be hard to remove once installed.

Stay Safe Online and Learn How To Remove Viruses

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